Bomb Threat


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When the University issues an emergency alert in response to a hazard, threat, or actual incident, everyone must know what the emergency conditions mean and basic emergency responses.

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Bomb Threat

Emergency Actions - when a bomb threat is received by phone:

  • Keep the caller on the line and talking as long as possible (pretend to have difficulty in hearing - ask the caller to repeat what he/she said).

  • Try to get as much information as possible about the location of the bomb and a description of the bomb and the caller. Use the Bomb Threat Checklist to record all information.

  • Stay on the line as long as the caller continues to provide useful information. If possible, have someone else use another line to call University Police.

  • After the caller hangs up, immediately call 262-8000 and notify the University Police.

  • Do not activate the fire alarm.

  • If an evacuation of the building is ordered, take the Bomb Threat Checklist with you and give it to the Police.

Emergency Actions - when a suspicious object or potential bomb is discovered:

  • Do not touch, move or disturb any suspicious object you feel might be a bomb.

  • Do not activate the fire alarm.

  • Keep people away from the area where the suspicious object is and call the University Police at 262-8000.

  • Be sure to include a description of the object and its location when reporting.

Emergency Actions - when an evacuation is ordered:

  • Collect your personal belongings (ie. purse, briefcase, etc.) and take them with you as you exit the building.

  • Look around your desk and/or office for any suspicious items. Do not touch anything suspicious, instead report it to the Police after you exit the building.

  • After evacuation, report to an Emergency Assembly Area.

  • Do not reenter the building until instructed to do so by appropriate personnel (University Police, Boone Police Department or Boone Fire Department).

For more information on bomb threats, contact the following:


  • University Police: 828.262.215

In the event of any emergency, know whom to call:

  • On-Campus: Contact Campus Police – 828.262.8000 or 911

  • Off-Campus: Contact 911