Emergency Management Task Force (EMTF)


How can we contact you during an emergency? Click here to register for the AppState-ALERT notification system.

AppState-ALERT is the University's voice and text 24/7 emergency messaging system. Click here to register.


When the University issues an emergency alert in response to a hazard, threat, or actual incident, everyone must know what the emergency conditions mean and basic emergency responses.

Please cick here for the "Must Know Emergency Information" for details on the campus conditions and basic emergency responses such as lockdown or shelter in place.

Appalachian State University's Emergency Management Task Force plans for and responds to crises affecting the University. This mission is accomplished through an innovative and comprehensive emergency management, business continuity, and disaster recovery planning process. The Task Force coordinates the organizational resources of the University during crisis response through a collaborative approach to crisis management based upon best practices and executive authority.

The Task Force is composed of a primary and at least one alternate representative from each organizational entity reporting directly to the Chancellor:
  • Chancellor’s Office
  • Academic Affairs    
  • Business Affairs
  • Advancement
  • Student Development
  • Human Resources
  • Athletics
Each member of the Task Force has the authority to make formal recommendations on behalf of the division or department and coordinate resources during an activation of the University Emergency Operations Center (UEOC). Click here for a list of the current EMTF membership.
During normal University operations the Task Force reports to the University Safety and Security Council. During response, the Task Force, as an Incident Management Team, reports directly to the Chancellor and Executive Group.
During normal operations, the EMTF meets monthly to discuss planning goals, review University emergency plans and policies, and prepare for exercises, events, and incidents. The EMTF is also actively involved in Appalachian's emergency training and exercise program.
Guidance for the actions of the Task Force are established by University policy, Safety and Security Council requests, UNC System mandates, and federal and state mandates or standards relating to emergency management, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Click here for a visual overview of University emergency operations during a major emergency or disaster.