Personal Preparedness 101


How can we contact you during an emergency? Click here to register for the AppState-ALERT notification system.

AppState-ALERT is the University's voice and text 24/7 emergency messaging system. Click here to register.


When the University issues an emergency alert in response to a hazard, threat, or actual incident, everyone must know what the emergency conditions mean and basic emergency responses.

Please cick here for the "Must Know Emergency Information" for details on the campus conditions and basic emergency responses such as lockdown or shelter in place.

After you learn your surroundings at Appalachian and register for the AppState-ALERT system, there are ways in which individuals and families may prepare for emergencies.  These sites are offered to you as resources to consider and use in your efforts to become prepared.

It is also helpful to be familiar with the Appalachian State University campus (eg. locations, names, etc.). Here are a few links to help:

American Red Cross Safe and Well List

In the event of an emergency, help keep lines of communication open by using your cell phones for emergency calls only. The American Red Cross has implemented the Safe and Well List to help those in a disaster area to communicate with friends and loved ones outside of the disaster area. If a disaster or crisis affects the Appalachian campus, register yourself as "safe and well" by going to and following the registration instructions. Tell your family and friends about the Safe and Well List website now, so that they will know what to do to get your "safe and well" message in a time of emergency.